Darling Harbour: Construction (almost) Complete!

I was wandering around Darling Harbour the other weekend when I suddenly realised that my view wasn’t blocked by any hoarding or construction sites anymore. Finally all the work around the convention centre is complete!

I’ve always found something special about Sydney’s Darling Harbour.

Sydney ICC October 22 2016
Sydney ICC October 22 2016

Mainly the area around the Convention Centre. All the “stuff to do” around Darling Harbour such as Madame Tussauds and the Sydney Aquarium is around the other side, but I’ve always preferred this side. Going into the city was always something special when I was growing up. For some reason most of the memories I have from that time involving the city are from Paddy’s Markets, going to the Convention Centre and buying fudge from the fudge shop.

Years ago, when I bought my first “real camera” and started exploring street photography, this was the area that I felt most comfortable in.

You don’t have to wait for Vivid to take interesting photos.

Sydney ICC Fountains October 22 2016
Sydney ICC Fountains October 22 2016

In fact, I’ve come to realise that Vivid is the worst time to take photos in the city, for these reasons:

1. You look like a prat when you stop in a busy thoroughfare to take a photo

2. You look like a bigger prat if you put up a tripod; wherever you do it, it will be in someone’s way.

3. After spending a whole evening taking photos instead of just enjoying the atmosphere (or the company of anyone you’ve dragged along with you), you go online the next morning to see that a more skilled photographer has taken better photos than you, and she has them for free on her website for you to download.

So now I keep the camera at home and focus on enjoying the lights, repelling the press of people and download better photos later.

Anyway, my point is that Darling Harbour now looks great again. I like the open spaces and the new look to the Convention Centre. I like what they’ve done around the area where the fountains used to be. And hopefully it means that soon there will be conventions and events at Darling Harbour again.

The HDR software used here is Aurora 2017, Photoshop CC and Lightroom.

Chinese Gardens Entrance October 22 2016
Chinese Gardens Entrance October 22 2016

I’ll do a full, step-by-step article on my process soon, but basically I use Lightroom for importing and file management, Aurora HDR 2017 for the bulk of the HDR work and Photoshop CC for some finishing touches. If you just have Lightroom, you can use that to combine multiple HDR exposures into one image for a more realistic look as opposed to the “flat out bonkers” feel you tend to get with Aurora HDR, Photomatix, etc.

I’ll also go and do a more in-depth shoot of Darling Harbour again soon – these were just a few shots I took when I happened to be there.

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