Darling Harbour: Construction (almost) Complete!

I was wandering around Darling Harbour the other weekend when I suddenly realised that my view wasn’t blocked by any hoarding or construction sites anymore. Finally all the work around the convention centre is complete!

I’ve always found something special about Sydney’s Darling Harbour.

Sydney ICC October 22 2016
Sydney ICC October 22 2016

Mainly the area around the Convention Centre. All the “stuff to do” around Darling Harbour such as Madame Tussauds and the Sydney Continue reading “Darling Harbour: Construction (almost) Complete!”

The colourful world of HDR photography

Years ago, HDR meant something different to what it seems to mean now. HDR (High Dynamic Range) used to mean taking multiple shots of the same scene at different exposures and combining them into one image, bringing out more detail in the shadows and highlights.

Take, for example, this photo of a seat by the lake.

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